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Mendip Weather, helping you to measure the weather

Mendip Weather is a weather station specialist with some of the best deals on the Vantage Vue and Davis Vantage Pro2 (VP2) Wireless stations your find anywhere. We stock the complete range of Davis weather stations, from the fully featured VP2 to the large range of additional sensors and installation equipment. If you are looking for spears parts for your current Davis Weather station, well we stock those too. Mendip Weather is also the main UK dealer for Barigo Barometers and Thermometers.But that is not all Mendip Weather also has a growing range of weather stations and sensors from Oregon Scientific, Kestrel pocket weather meters and TFA Dostmann. And if you are looking for something  more traditional well we also stock Traditional barometers, barographs and thermometers from Barigo. If you are looking for advise please feel free to give us a call on 01749 605000 we welcome any weather station related questions, and are more than happy to offer advise before you buy.

Mendip Weather Ltd offers these exciting products under one name and being a small business, we are able to offer you the level of customer service you would expect from a new business keen to foster a loyal customer base.

Based in the West Country Mendip Weather LTD is ideally placed to exploit the fun of the outdoors and it is our aim over the coming years to offer our customers our unique take on exploring the outlooks with a range of fun and exciting video blogs. 

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