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Brand: Bresser Model: 5942320
BRESSER 59-42320 Spare Bulb LED connecter plugFits the following models:Bresser Junior Biolux Sets8855000, 8855001, 8855002, 8855003Bresser Micro Set 5011100Bresser Biolux NV 5116200 Bresser Biolux Advance 5203000Bresser LCD microscope5201000Bresser LCD Touch microscope5201002Nat..
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Brand: Bresser Model: 5804000
BRESSER Advance ICD 10x-160x Zoom Stereo-MicroscopeThe BRESSER Advance ICD is the first trinocular stereo and biological microscope in the BRESSER range with a magnification of up to 160 times at an unbeatable price. The combination between a Stereo Zoom Objective (1x-4..
Ex Tax:£463.19
Brand: Bresser Model: 5013000
BRESSER BioDiscover 20-1280x MicroscopeThe BRESSER BioDiscover has an object stage with integrated illumination for incident and transmitted light. In this particular construction, the light source is connected directly to the microscope stage. So observing objects can be well illuminated uniformly...
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Brand: Bresser Model: 5802000
BRESSER Biolux ICD 20x Stereo MicroscopeThe BRESSER Biolux ICD is a handy stereo microscope with binocular head. It is ideal for mobile applications. The illuminator is powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) which makes the microscope independent of any external electrical sources. Also ..
Ex Tax:£50.15
Brand: Bresser Model: 5116200
BRESSER Biolux NV 20x-1280x Microscope with HD USB cameraThe BRESSER Biolux NV comes with a wide range of accessories and is an ideal beginners' microscope. A unique feature of these models, the Barlow zoom system is inside the eyepiece tubes: With the barlow lens the m..
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Brand: Bresser Model: 5802500
BRESSER Biorit ICD 20x Stereo MicroscopeThe new Biorit ICD is the succesful combination of good price, high quality and useful equipment. It is very suitable for viewing coins, stamps, minerals and many more. By the big working distance of 70mm and the wide focus range, also bigg..
Ex Tax:£115.99
Brand: Bresser Model: 5802520
BRESSER Biorit ICD CS Stereo Microscope LEDBecause of its large swing range and very large working distance the BRESSER Biorit ICD CS offers an excellent basis for various observations. It is the perfect choice for fine handiwork, e.g. soldering of SMD components.FEATURESstereo microscope ..
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Brand: Bresser Model: 5916720
BRESSER Blank Slide with 0.1 & 0.01mm micrometerMicroscope slides with a micrometer scale are used for the calibration for measurements.They are used in combination with a micrometer eyepiece or a measurement software (for cameras) in order to measure preparati..
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Brand: Bresser Model: 5916600
BRESSER Blank Slides with Well - 50 piecesBRESSER Blank Slides with cavity wells are particularly useful for the observation of water samples and plankton. FEATURESdimensions: 76x26x1 mm SCOPE OF DELIVERY50x slides..
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Brand: Bresser Model: 5942500
BRESSER Carry Case for Erudit DLX / Researcher microscopesThis carry case comes with a fitting foam inlay and will protect the microscope during transport or when not in use. This is the perfect accessory if you want to use the microscope for workshops, excursions, for veterinary work..
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Brand: Bresser Model: 5915100
Bresser Cover Plates 22x22 mm 100 pcs..
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Brand: Bresser Model: 5916000
Bresser Cover-Plates/Blank Slides 50/100 pcs...
Ex Tax:£6.31
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