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Brand: Bresser Model: 1877400
Bresser Digital NightVision 3x14 w. recording function..
Ex Tax:£105.06
Brand: Bresser Model: 1877450
This digital night vision device has a recording function, allowing you to record your observations as a photo or video to a Micro SD card. It is easily operated with just one hand. This instrument is not prone to malfunction due to illumination overexposure since it is equipped with ..
Ex Tax:£312.05
Brand: Bresser Model: 1877495
Bresser Digital NightVision Binocular 1x w. head mount..
Ex Tax:£157.35
Brand: Bresser Model: 1877490
Bresser Digital NightVision Binocular 3x w. recording..
Ex Tax:£171.13
Brand: Bresser Model: 1877480
Bresser Digital NightVision Binocular 3x20..
Ex Tax:£113.14
Brand: Bresser Model: 1876000
The BRESSER NightSpy is a monocular generation 1 night vision device with an integrated infrared illuminator and a tripod adapter thread packaged into a compact designed body. This instrument features "soft-touch" operating buttons, power and infra-red in..
Ex Tax:£143.95
Brand: Bresser Model: 1877124
Bresser Night Vision 1.7x24 NightSpy (Analog)..
Ex Tax:£102.87
Brand: Bresser Model: 1877344
The analog Night Spy night vision devices are image intensifiers which are intended for use at dusk and dawn but also with the built-in IR illuminators for use during total darkness. The Night Spys can be perfectly held because of their ergonomically shaped body, the ru..
Ex Tax:£159.41
Brand: Bresser Model: 1877560
Bresser Night Vision Scope 5x60 NightSpy (Analog)..
Ex Tax:£130.36
Brand: Bresser Model: 1877496
Bresser NightVision Binocular head mount for 3x & 1x NV..
Ex Tax:£8.85
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