With a Davis Weather Station it is easy to extend your weather monitoring across your farm to increase harvest yields and reduce crop damage risks.

 Make irrigation decisions based on plant-water demand

With the Davis system you can monitor crop evapotranspiration (ET) and use soil moisture to determine plant-water demand. This dramatically improving the irrigation decision making process.

Affordability and reliability in one, easy-to-use station

The Davis Vantage Pro2 weather stations is affordable, accurate, durable, and easy to use. They are often installed alongside crops all over the world because they will give you real-time data for weather conditions in that field.

Customize your installation with special stations.

Davis' Vantage Pro2 and EnviroMonitor systems are flexible and expandable, allowing you to customize your installation to meet your needs. Add telematics for remote installations, solar radiation sensors for ET monitoring, soil moisture stations, or even third-party specialty sensors such as an ultra-sonic anemometer.

Get data from any remote site with cellular coverage.

With the solar-powered, wireless and cellular option It is possible to collect weather data from  anywhere giving you a complete view of the current weather conditions. Deploying the Davis EnviroMonitor system in a sophisticated mesh network that is self-optimizes will keep your data flowing.

Share data

Share your and get weather alerts  is easy with the Davis EnviroMonitor or Vantage Pro2 system. Yourself or staff can be alerted as soon as conditions deteriorate at your weather stations slight allowing you to take action to protect your crop, thus reducing the risks for damage. The  EnviroMonitor takes it one step further, allowing you update multiple people who can have varying levels of authority to help you manage your crops.

Observe wind conditions prior to spraying

Easily obtained weather data on your Smartphone using the Davis free iPhone or Android app.

Use Growing Degree Days (used to predict plant development rates) to accurately forecast harvest dates. Use and track heat units to give a detailed record of growth progress to improve harvest forecast accuracy.

Prevent catastrophic frost damage

Thousands of growers trust Davis weather monitoring solutions to help them predict, prepare for and minimize crop damage during frost. Real-time alerts from multiple cold spots on your farm, sent as text messages to your cell phone, help you respond while damage can still be mitigated.