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Brand: Bresser Model: 1877450
This digital night vision device has a recording function, allowing you to record your observations as a photo or video to a Micro SD card. It is easily operated with just one hand. This instrument is not prone to malfunction due to illumination overexposure since it is equipped with ...
Ex Tax:£312.05
Brand: Bresser Model: 4025820
The BRESSER Rangefinders determine within fractions of a second by laser(harmless to the human eye) the exact distance of the targeted object of up to 800 meters, either in meters or yards. The 6x25 has an additional speed measurement of up to 300 km/h. T...
Ex Tax:£145.86
Brand: Bresser Model: 1876000
The BRESSER NightSpy is a monocular generation 1 night vision device with an integrated infrared illuminator and a tripod adapter thread packaged into a compact designed body. This instrument features "soft-touch" operating buttons, power and infra-red in...
Ex Tax:£143.95
Brand: Bresser Model: 1877344
The analog Night Spy night vision devices are image intensifiers which are intended for use at dusk and dawn but also with the built-in IR illuminators for use during total darkness. The Night Spys can be perfectly held because of their ergonomically shaped body, the ru...
Ex Tax:£159.41
Brand: Bresser Model: 8911027
These elegant BRESSER Topas 10x25 pocket binoculars in roof prism design are due to their compact dimensions and the high quality metal body the ideal binoculars for all circumstances. The center wheel focusing and the manual diopter a...
Ex Tax:£13.86
Brand: Bresser Model: 7002510
The new BRESSER weather center 5-in-1 combines in a unique way a compact design with an extensive information service. The verycompact and multifunctional outdoor sensor requires only little space and thus can be placed almost anywhere. A pipe clamp and screws forthe at...
Ex Tax:£72.29
Brand: Bresser Model: 7002500
Awarded as price-performance winner by the German magazine "Haus & Garten Test" (House & Garden Test)!Radio-controlled weather station in a modern design. In the issue 2.2011 of the magazine "Haus & Garten Test" the BRESSER Weather Center achieved an overall rating of "Good" (1.7). Thus, our product...
Ex Tax:£124.90
Brand: Bresser Model: 9068500
The portable weather station is the perfect companion for all kind of outdoor activities! Your are always updated about the current weather forecast, the temperature as well as the humidity.Additionally the weather station also provides you with an air pr...
Ex Tax:£18.62
Brand: Bresser Model: 9066000
This Weather Station features a modern design and clearly structured display, despite its compact dimensions. The display shows weather trends and indoor and outdoor temperature for upcoming days, as well as DCF-77-controlled date and time ...
Ex Tax:£43.91
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