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Brand: Nauticalia Model: 6578
The Victorians were fascinated by the art of weather forecasting, and had a number of intriguing devices with which to make their own predictions. This operates on the same basic principle, using the three most important influences on weather conditions - barometric pressure and trend, plus wind dir..
Ex Tax:£23.96
Brand: Nauticalia Model: 4642
This little pocket forecaster, only 2" in diameter, is remarkably reliable for predicting general weather conditions in and around the British Isles in conjunction with a pressure reading from a barometer, and was a favoured instrument 90 years ago. Based on established meteorological principles, it..
Ex Tax:£9.16
Brand: Nauticalia Model: 5735
Inspired by originals in the Science Museum. The gnomon, which casts the shadow, can be set for latitude on a sliding scale; and the whole instrument oriented in the meridian by means of a magnetic compass in the base. A spirit level and height-adjustable legs ensure that the instrument is used upri..
Ex Tax:£33.29
Brand: Nauticalia Model: 4559
Wooden-boxed brass sundial is a completely self-contained portable instrument, inspired by a design from the 18th century instrument maker Peter Dollond, founder of a great optical empire. The original is in the London Science Museum. Instruments like this were once used by explorers and navigators ..
Ex Tax:£31.63
Brand: Nauticalia Model: 2900
Three useful instruments - clock, thermometer, and hygrometer are mounted together in a neat wooden desktop case which stands 15cm high. Quartz clock movement uses 1xLR44 battery (included)...
Ex Tax:£47.46
Brand: Nauticalia Model: 3152
This feature-packed little instrument fits easily into a pocket so you'll always have easy access to: Digital Compass, Altimeter, Barometer with weather forecasting function, Time, Date, and Alarm. Backlit LED screen...
Ex Tax:£33.29
Brand: Nauticalia Model: 5178
Set into an elegant brass porthole are four instruments to give you an at-a-glance guide to the prevailing conditions - a barometer, with aneroid movement and scale in inches and millibars, a thermometer in C and F, a hygrometer, and a clock. Measures 31cm across. Clock requires 1xAA battery.Dimensi..
Ex Tax:£133.29
Brand: Nauticalia Model: 6798
These forecasters operate on a Victorian principle that use barometric pressure and trend, plus wind direction and time of year to give a simple but remarkably accurate weather forecast for the UK – an invaluable aid to interpreting barometer readings. The brass dials are acid etched and picked out ..
Ex Tax:£8.33
Brand: Nauticalia Model: 7686
Aboard HMS Beagle during the Darwin Expeditions of 1831-36, Captain Robert Fitzroy developed and refined the 18th century storm bottle. This involved much testing and observation of crystal formations, and resulted in him being able to make a number of weather predictions with a fair(ish) degree of ..
Ex Tax:£7.87
Brand: Nauticalia Model: 4309
Weather forecaster measures 8cm square and comes in a hinged wooden presentation case with velveteen bag...
Ex Tax:£12.46
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