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Home Weather Stations

A Home weather station, typically records two or three variables. Most commonly this would be temperature, humidity and maybe pressure. Typically much cheaper and with the ease of installation starter weather stations maybe more basic than a full weather station but this is not to say that the lack functionality. Most Starter weather stations most will record Min and Max values, record pressure and feature a forecast function.

Brand: TFA Dostmann Model: 35.1110
Weather station with wireless transmission of outdoor temperature to maximum range of 50m (dependent on local conditions and obstructions). Maximum and minimum function to review highest and lowest temperatures. Display outdoor temperature or indoor temperature. Weather forecast displayed by 3D colo..
Ex Tax:£59.75
Brand: TFA Dostmann Model: 35.1091
TFA cystal wireless weather station..
Ex Tax:£70.14
Brand: TFA Dostmann Model: 35.1087
TFA Desktop Digital Weather station..
Ex Tax:£12.07
Brand: TFA Dostmann Model:
TFA diva go wireless thermometer2-channel transmitter for cable transmission of outside temperature (max. 100 m) and optional sensor cable, another channel available, indoor temperature and humidity indication, comfort zone, max.-min.function, radio clock, . range: T in: -10 ... + 60 ° C (..
Ex Tax:£27.87
Brand: TFA Dostmann Model: 35.1101.02
TFA faktum wireless weather station..
Ex Tax:£34.80
Brand: TFA Dostmann Model: 35.1083
FeaturesWireless transmission of outdoor temperature and humidity via transmittersIndoor temperature, humidity, daily maximum and minimum values with time and date of retention, symbols for current weather and forecast, barometric pressure tendency, absolute and relative barometric pressureGraphic r..
Ex Tax:£36.19
Brand: TFA Dostmann Model: 35.1066
TFA Meteo Max wireless weather station..
Ex Tax:£51.43
Brand: TFA Dostmann Model: 35.1100.
TFA Meteotime duo wireless weather station..
Ex Tax:£204.58
Brand: v Model: 35.1103
TFA Meteotime easy weather info centre..
Ex Tax:£44.50
Brand: TFA Dostmann Model: 35.1127
TFA Meteotime weather Info centre..
Ex Tax:£68.76
Brand: TFA Dostmann Model:
TFA Ombra wireless weather station..
Ex Tax:£32.03
Brand: TFA Dostmann Model: 35.1136.02
Wireless transmission of outdoor temperature and humidity via up to 3 transmitters (max. 60 m), indication of indoor temperature and humidity, max.- min.-function with automatic reset, weather forecast, dew point and heat index, radio controlled clock with date and day of the week, alarm with snooze..
Ex Tax:£44.33
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