Logic Energy Product Comparison

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Product Specification

Key Features

To Monitor

LeNET mobile Energy

  • Automatic GSM communications every 10 minutes
  • Available in 2,4,8 &14 channel versions
  • Flexible channels (digital or analogue
  • Quick, simple installation
  • Set your own alerts and alarms

·Customisable dashboard, charting and reporting tools, Site comparison tool, GSM signal indicator, data export feed

·Very Low power Consumption.

  • Utilities: Gas electricity, water.
  • Renewable energy systems performance: PV, Biomass, Heat pumps, Solar thermal, Hydro

Temperature and other Ambient sensors

LetNETmobile Wind Advance

  • 14 channels – GSM communications every 10 minutes
  • 1 second data sample rate
  • Adhere to IEC-61400 wind standard for data
  • Pre- processed wind data channels -  Average, standard deviation and gust data
  • Vertical wind direction
  • Alert function, Geo map location, customisable dashboard, mobile phone access, charting and reporting tools, site comparison tool, GSM signal indicator, special wind report function
  • Very Low power consumption
  • Wind Site Assessment
  • Wind turbine performance
  • Weather stations
  • Construction site safety

LEWL windlogger

  • 3 channels for 2 switch/pulse anemometers and 1 potentiometer wind vane
  • Battery powered from 2 x C cell alkaline, with typical 3 month battery life
  • Logs data every 1 min or 10 minutes to SD card, time sampled and recorded in Excel format
  • Very Low Power consumption
  • Time-stamped data recorded to SD card in standard CSV format for import into Excel or wind analysis software
  • Simple analysis tools included
  • Robust and weatherproof
  • Small scale wind site assessment.


  • 2 channels for 1 anemometer & 1 wind vane
  • Battery powered from 2xC cell Alkaline batteries with at least 3 month battery life
  • Continuously measures wind speeds and direction and computes statistics
  • Current average and frequency distribution downloaded to SD card on demand, for upload to online report generator
  •  low power consumption
  • Simple logger that provides processed wind Statistics, (speed/frequency distribution, wind rose, average)
  • Easy to generate wind report
  • Small scale wind site assessment.