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Weather Station

Brand: Bresser Model: 7002511
The new BRESSER weather center 5-in-1 white combines in a unique way a compact design with an extensive information service. The verycompact and multifunctional outdoor sensor requires very little space and thus can be placed almost anywhere. A pipe clamp and screws for..
Ex Tax:£69.08
Brand: Bresser Model: 7008001
Bresser Radio Controlled Projection Alarm clock with Weather Forecast..
Ex Tax:£64.14
Brand: Bresser Model: 7050110
BRESSER BRESSER Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer BT4The BRESSER BBQ Thermometer BT4 measures and transmits the core meat temperature via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet PC. With the free app “Bresser BBiQ” (Android* and Apple iOS**), the BRESSER BBQ The..
Ex Tax:£36.15
Brand: Bresser Model: 7050100
BRESSER Bluetooth Thermo/Hygrometer BT4The BRESSER Bluetooth Thermo/Hygrometer BT4 transmits temperature and humidity via Bluetooth technology to your smartphone or tablet PC.  Use the free „BRESSER Thermo“ app (Android* and Apple iOS) to manage and display received dat..
Ex Tax:£32.95
Brand: Bresser Model: 7002410
Field of applicationAir pressure measuringRainfall measurementTemperature measurementwake-up alarmWeather forecastWind measurementTime informationTemperature alarmPRODUCT FAMILYProduct FamilyWeather CenterDISPLAY OPTIONSDisplay typeDigitalSeasonSpringFallSummerWinterTime/Date display24/12 hourscurre..
Ex Tax:£56.69
Brand: Bresser Model: 7007100
Bresser Colour Radio Controlled Projection Alarm Clock 16.4cm..
Ex Tax:£49.28
Brand: Bresser Model: 7004404HZI000
Bresser Large Screen Wireless Weather Forecaster..
Ex Tax:£65.73
Brand: Bresser Model: 7004404GYE000
Bresser Large Screen Wireless Weather Forecaster..
Ex Tax:£65.73
Brand: Bresser Model: 8020112
Bresser My Time Bathroom Wall Clock 17cm..
Ex Tax:£10.37
Brand: Bresser Model: 7000002
As small and handy as a travel alarm clock and yet so much more: that's the Bresser MyTime Travel. Travelers should always take with them this compact digital alarm clock with temperature and humidity display. Since it is purely battery-driven it can be used anywhere. The sophisticated design impres..
Ex Tax:£13.85
Brand: Bresser Model: 7004403CM3000
Bresser Projection weather station TemeoTrend P black..
Ex Tax:£40.08
Brand: Bresser Model: 8010030
Bresser Radio Controlled Projection Alarm clock with USB Port..
Ex Tax:£25.56
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