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Kestrel 1000 hand-held wind meter

The Kestrel 1000 pocket anemometer is the first and entry level of the Kestrel range, providing the ..

£83.94 Ex Tax: £69.95

Kestrel 2000 hand-held thermo-anemometer

The Kestrel 2000 thermo-anemometer provides high quality, performance and functionality. It has thre..

£101.99 Ex Tax: £84.99

Kestrel 2500 hand-held weather meter

The Kestrel 2500 Hand-held Weather Meter has all the great features of the Kestrel 2000 with the add..

£177.54 Ex Tax: £147.95

Portable Vane Mount K4000 rangeAvailable to order, usually 4 to 5 days

Portable Vane Mount K4000 range

The Kestrel Vane Mount is a free-spinning wind vane, with a cradle to hold a Kestrel, that will atta..

£71.95 Ex Tax: £59.96

PC Interface K4000 rangeAvailable to order, usually 4 to 5 days

PC Interface K4000 range

Upload weather data to a PC from any Kestrel 4000 series instrument Log environmental condition..

£99.99 Ex Tax: £83.33

Impeller for all Kestrels weather handhelds

User replaceable High precision axle and jewel bearings Light weight impeller 25mm diameter..

£19.95 Ex Tax: £16.63

Kestrel 3000 environmental meter

The Kestrel 3000 Environmental Meter provides high quality, performance and functionality. It has th..

£177.54 Ex Tax: £147.95

Kestrel 3500DT pocket weather meter

The Kestrel 3500 Delta T Pocket Weather Meter is a small, pocket-sized electronic rotating vane type..

£227.94 Ex Tax: £189.95

Kestrel 4300 construction weather tracker

The Kestrel 4300 Construction Weather Tracker has been developed in conjunction with construction in..

£302.75 Ex Tax: £252.29

Kestrel 5000 Environmental Meter

The next generation of environmental conditions monitoring is the here with the Kestrel 5000 Environ..

£273.60 Ex Tax: £228.00

Kestrel 5100 Racing Weather MeterAvailable to order, usually 4 to 5 days

Kestrel 5100 Racing Weather Meter

Make those last minute dial-in or turning decisions count with the Kestrel 5100.Measure weather wher..

£282.00 Ex Tax: £235.00

Kestrel 5200 Professional Weather Meter

Whether you're pouring concrete, balancing HVAC systems, or spraying crops, take the calculations an..

£282.00 Ex Tax: £235.00

Kestrel 5400 Heat Stress Tracker

Most user-friendly WBGT meter on the market. Detect when heat-related conditions are unsafe well bef..

£506.40 Ex Tax: £422.00