Anemometers for smartphone

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Skywatch Windoo 1 - Anemo-thermometer for smartphone

SKYWATCH® Windoo 1 is an anemometer-thermometer for your smartphone. It measures and indicates ..

£60.70 Ex Tax: £50.58

Skywatch Windoo 2 - Anemo-thermometer and hygrometer for smartphone

General dataSKYWATCH® Windoo 2 is a measuring instrument for your smartphone. It indicates the ..

£81.40 Ex Tax: £67.83

Skywatch Windoo 3 - Anemo-thermometer-hygrometer and pressure for smartphone

General dataSKYWATCH® Windoo 3 is a weather station for your smartphone. It measures and indica..

£102.00 Ex Tax: £85.00