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Home Weather Stations

A Home weather station typically records two or three variables. Most commonly this would be temperature, humidity and maybe pressure. Typically much cheaper and with the ease of installation starter weather stations may be more basic than a full weather station but this is not to say that the lacking functionality. Most Starter weather stations most will record Min and Max values, record pressure and feature a forecast function.

Brand: Bresser Model: 7002531
BRESSER 3-in-1 Professional Wind Gauge / AnemometerThe wind gauge from BRESSER is a professional anemometer for your home garden. You can read the current wind speed from the base station as well as average and maximum values per ..
Ex Tax:£50.91
Brand: Bresser Model: 7001030
The BRESSER 4CAST CS radio controlled weather station shows you on a colour display the weather forecast for today and tomorrow. Thanks to the integrated motion sensor you can decide yourself with a simple movement of the hand for which day the weather fo..
Ex Tax:£60.75
Brand: Bresser Model: 7002510
The new BRESSER weather center 5-in-1 combines in a unique way a compact design with an extensive information service. The verycompact and multifunctional outdoor sensor requires only little space and thus can be placed almost anywhere. A pipe clamp and screws forthe at..
Ex Tax:£66.57
Brand: Bresser Model: 7002511
The new BRESSER weather center 5-in-1 white combines in a unique way a compact design with an extensive information service. The verycompact and multifunctional outdoor sensor requires very little space and thus can be placed almost anywhere. A pipe clamp and screws for..
Ex Tax:£69.08
Brand: Bresser Model: 7004404CM3000
The BRESSER TemeoTrend JC LCD Weather Clock has the worldwide first "ultra wide angle" (UWA) display. The large presentation and the broad viewing angle provide for an easy reading of the shown information from almost any position in the room. Always have an eye on indoor an..
Ex Tax:£65.73
Brand: Bresser Model: 7004200
The BRESSER Meteo Temp weather station has a clearly arranged display, on which you can always read the current time and date because of the DCF radio signal. Furthermore, the weather station offers information about the temperature for inside&n..
Ex Tax:£26.69
Brand: Bresser Model: 7000002
As small and handy as a travel alarm clock and yet so much more: that's the Bresser MyTime Travel. Travelers should always take with them this compact digital alarm clock with temperature and humidity display. Since it is purely battery-driven it can be used anywhere. The sophisticated design impres..
Ex Tax:£13.85
Brand: Bresser Model: 7000020CM3000
The Bresser Temeo Hygro Quadro offers the possibility to measure temperature and air humidity in or around your house at 4 different locations. This enables simple monitoring at one location:  Is the children's bedroom temperature ok? Is it too hot on the terrace? There are many more ..
Ex Tax:£21.12
Brand: Bresser Model: 7002534
BRESSER WI-FI Colour Weather Station with 4-in-1 UV/Light SensorThe BRESSER WI-FI Colour Weather Station with 4-in-1 UV/Light Sensor is easily read with its colour-matching and clearly arranged design. The display is divided into 4 areas and offers comprehensive weather information, which ..
Ex Tax:£92.19
Brand: Bresser Model: 7002535
BRESSER WIFI Colour Weather Station with 3-in-1 Wind sensorThis BRESSER WIFI Colour Weather Station with 3-in-1 Wind sensor has a  colourful and clear design.The WIFI function makes it possible to share local weather data via apps like Weather Underground or Weather Cloud.Th..
Ex Tax:£90.24
Brand: Bresser Model: 9066000
This Weather Station features a modern design and clearly structured display, despite its compact dimensions. The display shows weather trends and indoor and outdoor temperature for upcoming days, as well as DCF-77-controlled date and time settings. Three different alarm functions can be activated. ..
Ex Tax:£47.91
Brand: National Geographic Model: 9060300
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC RC world time clock w. temperature and flashlightYou don't want to use your smartphone as an alarm clock, but still want to be woken up in time when travelling in the morning to make sure you don't miss an appointment? Then the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Radio World Time ..
Ex Tax:£13.20
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