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Mounting Poles and Hardware

Mounting Hardware for your New Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station,

Brand: Davis Model: 7717-00
Poles and hardware for mounting Vantage Pro integrated sensor suite. Two poles join with connector to make a single 37-1/2" (95 cm) long pole.One pole is 19-1/2" (0.50 m) long. The other is 21" (0.53 m) long. Outside diameter of both is 1-5/16".Compatible with both original Vantage Pro and ..
Ex Tax:£27.44
Brand: Davis Model: 7716-00
Use a mounting tripod for your Davis Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue to make installation even easier.Brackets at the base of each leg tilt to mount on your roof or uneven terrain. Made of galvanized steel. Includes two 3-foot (0.92-meter) poles, which may be used separately or together to make a si..
Ex Tax:£87.08
Brand: Davis Model: SP01Kit
Spiderbeam Heavy Duty fiberglass poles are perfect for building all kinds of wire antennas.  A single person can easily put them up within a few minutes. Especially developed to make our portable equipment even more rugged and durable!These are extremely strong poles, w..
Ex Tax:£149.96
Brand: Davis Model: 7716A
Includes two poles and galvanized steel tripod with tilting brackets on the base to mount on a roof or uneven surface, or three 18" (0,5 m) lag bolts for ground installation. Each pole measures 36.38" (0,92 m), but can be used together to make a single 69.75" (1,77 m) pole. Fits Vantage Pro2, ..
Ex Tax:£102.92
Brand: Davis Model: 7876-200
Davis Standard 4 Conductor Cable, 61m..
Ex Tax:£71.25
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