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Wind2Measure Data Logger Advanced set up for 2 x wind speed and direction and temperature

Wind2Measure Data Logger Advanced set up for  2 x wind speed and direction and temperature
Wind2Measure Data Logger Advanced set up for 2 x wind speed and direction and temperature
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This Advance datalogger is set up to record wind speed from two different heights on a mast.

Main differences:

  • 3 inputs for weather sensors
  • built-in temperature and battery voltage sensors
  • housing made of Polycarbonate with IP 66/67
  • battery container made of stainless steel

​Main features:

  • Data importing is done through IP67 USB slot and does not require opening the housing, disassembling the logger, or stopping the measuring process.
  • Polycarbonate housing – lightweight, high impact resistant with a gloss finish. Completely waterproof and dust-tight (IP 66/67). Battery container made of stainless steel.
  • Operates in a continuous mode and counts ALL impulses generated by the wind speed sensors and records the data every minute.
  • Calculates 1 minute standard deviation for each wind speed sensor.
  • The battery voltage is logged every 23 minutes. It allows an easy control of the energy consumption without the necessity to open the housing
  • The logger is powered by two R20 batteries and operates for a standard period of 6 months on one set.
  • Every ADVANCED data logger comes with a free data analysis program. It presents all gathered data on precise graphs, histograms and a wind rose
The Advance Data Logger can be configured with one of the following Rain Gauges



The rain gauge is used for constant measurement of precipitation including its amount, time of occurrence and intensity. 

It can be installed 1 metre above the ground level on a mounting pole or placed straight on a flat surface. 

During measurements the amount of the rainfall is measured with accuracy of 0,2mm.

The sensor has been designed to meet the guidelines of the World Meteorological Organization.

After connecting the rain gauge with Data Logger you get a device that can log the amount and intensity of rainfall at a chosen location.

The rain gauge is fully compatible with the data loggers manufactured by

The following accessories are included in the rain gauge:

- Rain cone with grips

- Bird spikes

- Debris screen

- 40 ft (12 m) cable

- Mounting hardware



KALYX-RG rain gauge is used for constant meteorological measurements made by professionals and other users who plan to make advanced precipitation study.

The sensor is based on a tipping bucket mechanism which automatically tips when a certain amount of precipitation accumulates inside of it. Total precipitation is determined by the number of tips.

The unique aerodynamic shape of the rain gauge reduces the effect of wind blowing and carrying rainfall away from the collecting vessel.

The tipping bucket type sensor does not accumulate rainfall and does not need to be emptied.

The rain gauge is manufactured by EML (Environmental Measurements Limited), a British company that specializes in designing various sensors used for professional meteorological measurements.

The sensor is fully compatible with data loggers manufactured by

The Advance Data Logger can be configured with one of the following Wind Speed & Direction Sensors


The sensor is manufactured by Davis Instruments Corp. This precision-crafted anemometer includes both wind speed and wind direction sensors. Rugged components stand up to hurricane-force winds, yet are sensitive to the lightest breeze. Vane is hand-balanced for optimal stability and accuracy. Sealed stainless steel ball bearings for long life. Comes complete with 12 m standard cable and the hardware needed to mount it on a pipe, wooden post, antenna mast, or similar structure.

  • Operating Temperature    -40° to +65°C
  • Attached Cable Length  –  12 m
  • Dimensions (length x width x height) –  (381 mm x 38 mm x 457 mm)
  • Weight –  1.332 kg
  • Compatible with Data Logger BASIC and ADVANCED
  • Serial number – 6410
  • Wind Vane and Control Head – UV-resistant ABS
  • Wind Cups – Polycarbonate
  • Anemometer Arm – Black-anodized aluminium
  • Wind direction measuring resolution -  1°
  • Wind direction measuring accuracy -  ±3°
  • Wind speed measuring range –  0.5 - 89 m/s
  • Wind speed measuring accuracy –   ± 1 m/s or ± 5%,  whichever is greater



PM1S and PM1D sensors give you a reliable accuracy of the wind measurement which is sufficient when planning an investment in a micro or small wind system. They are the ideal data transmitters for simple requirement, especially where economical solutions are requested. They are fully compatible with the wind loggers manufactured by

The sensors are delivered together with an aluminium fixing that enables an easy mounting on a met mast or other construction.

PM1S - Specification                       

  • Measuring range –  0 – 44,5m/s
  • Accuracy - ±1,0m/s or 10% whichever is greater
  • Attached Cable Length  –  3 m
  • Dimensions (length x width x height) –(381 mm x 38 mm x 457 mm)
  • Weight –  0,2 kg
  • Material – synthetic material 
  • Colour – grey 

PM1D - Specification

  • Measuring range – 360°
  • Measuring resolution - 8 points (45°) on compass rose
  • Material – synthetic material 
  • Measuring method – 8 reed switches
  • Weight – 0,2kg
  • Colour – grey 



The sensors are produced by a German company Thies Clima - one of the leading manufacturers of systems, instruments and sensors for the measurement of meteorological parameters. Their products are characterized by a high degree of instrument precision and quality. Selected and tested materials of the sensors ensure the operation even under extreme conditions. Their supporting and dynamic parts of are made of synthetic materials, guaranteeing a long working life with absolutely no maintenance. 

Thies Wind Direction - Specification

  • Measuring range – 10°-350° (20° dead-zone in the north)
  • Measuring resolution -  1°
  • Ambient temperature  -25 to +60 °C, ice-free
  • Serial number - 4.3140.51.010
  • Cable length – 3m
  • IP rating – IP54
  • Size – 210 mm high
  • Weight – 0,3 kg


Thies Wind Speed - Specification

  • Measuring range –0,5 - 40 m/s
  • Accuracy – ± 0,5 m/s or ± 5% v. Mw.
  • Load – max. 60 m/s –for a short time
  • Measurement method – 1 Reed-contact
  • Ambient temp. - 25 °C to + 60°C
  • Serial number -4.3515.51.000
  • Material – synthetic material ABS
  • Cable length – 3m
  • Weight – 0,3kg

Data Analysis System


A Data Analysis system to see all measurements on precise graphs, histograms and the wind rose and analyse the data, is provided FREE and comes with every Data Logger BASIC and ADVANCED.

The Data Analysis System is fully compatible with Data Loggers manufactured by Files generated by the logger can be easily downloaded and analysed on your computer, laptop or tablet.

After downloading the data from the logger, the system presents recorded data on line graphs with the zoom-in option. It also displays a wind distribution chart, average temperature & rain and a wind rose. The Data Logger Advanced users will also get the battery voltage charts.

The System enables exporting all data to CSV file. It allows a detailed analysis of the measurement in spreadsheets or other dedicated software.

Exporting the wind speed distribution chart to CSV file gives you the possibility to calculate the amount of energy generated for you by selected wind turbines. provides an MS Excel calculator to prepare such forecasts.

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