Latest Weather Metrics from the Mendip Hills, Somerset

Station installed 01/09/1999, Wells, Somerset, UK at 65m above sea level and update automatically every 5 seconds.

  Last Update 26/09/16 5:30 PM
Temperature   Forecast   Wind
Temperature now: 15.2°C
Windchill now: 15.2°C
Temp change last hour: +0.3
Humidity now: 84
Dewpoint now: 12.5°C
Today's max temp: 19.8°C at 11:35 AM
Today's min temp: 11.7°C at 8:35 AM
Today's min windchill: 11.8 °C
Average monthly temp: 16.8
Current Cloud height 338 meters
Average now: 0.7 mph
Gust now: 0 mph
Direction now: S
Beaufort speed now: 0 bft
Max gust last hour: 9 mph
Max gust today:: 22 mph
Wind run today: 32.46
Ave wind direction 0.5 mph
Max gust yesterday: 14.0
Solar   Pressure   Rain
Solar now: 0 W/M2
Max Sun 0 W/M2
Cloud Cover

Day time

Sun hours today: 00:00
Sun yesterday: 00:00
Sun this month: 00:00
ET today 0.0 mm
Sunrise today: 6:47 AM
Sunset today: 6:54 PM
Pressure now 1019.7 mb
Max pressure today: 1020.7 mb at 12:00 AM
Min pressure today: 1010.3 mb at 7:22 PM
Change in last 6 hours: -0.6 mb
Change in last 12 hours: +7.8 mb
Change in last day: ---
Pressure Trend Steady
Average  Pressure last day 1016.4
Yesterdays max pressure 1025.0 mb
Rain today: 2.4 mm
It's been raining for: 0
Rain last hour: 0.0
Rain yesterday: 0.0 mm
Rain this month: 78.6 mm
Rain this year 92.2 mm
Consecutive days no rain: 0
Max rain rate last day 0.0 mm/min
Currant rain rate 0.0


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